We are

We are the premier distributors of quality equipment which make the backbone of your restaurant business, of your café, of your pizzeria, your delicatessen, bakery, confectionary or butchery. We supply your hotel or apartment building with the goods which make it run. We automate your appliances, your utilities and your general surroundings. We do IoT. We do CCTV. We do WiFi. We network your establishment and provide internet connectivity. We make your farm machinery operate reliably. We find the parts you need, we get the right people to help.
We solve problems, we improve beyond perfection.

We help make your business tick.

Pick a kitchen, any kitchen

Whether you're a restaurant, a café, pizzeria, butchery, delicatessen, or any other establishment which is in need of a commercial kitchen, we've got your back. Want to provide your customers with proper internet connectivity? We've got solutions you'll love. Need to secure your investment? Our CCTV solutions will suit your needs, even on a tight budget.

There's no place like home

Guests or tenants? Doesn't matter, as long as they feel like they're king of their castle. We provide hotel equipment and equipment for landlords which will let you interact with your guests more than you interact with that old towel rack which keeps getting loose. Let us monetize your utilities so that your washers and driers accept coins, protecting your investment and promoting rational use. How about paid WiFi? Let everyone use as much as they like, or limit their internet usage based on your preferences. Want to provide satellite TV over any major SatTV provider? We'll do it over just one cable and much fewer satellite dishes than you would usually need.

Reap the fruits

Belts, plugs, ECUs... they all need replacing sooner or later, and we strive to provide you with reasonable prices for your agricultural machinery. We also have a great selection of tires for your farming equipment, as well as affordable lubrication by the barrel. But we go further: we monitor your farm, even wirelessly. We automate your equipment and let you control it from wherever you want, whenever you want. Combining traditional agriculture with 21st century technology is our passion.